I'm Obsessed with These Fringe Hem Jeans

I have become obsessed with Sofia Vergara fringed hem jeans from Walmart. These jeans keep popping up on various blogs and sites that I read so I’ve been on the hunt for these for awhile. They never seem to be in stock. They’re on pre-order from Walmart right now and I’m contemplating it, but I’m wondering what size I’ll be in a month when they actually ship! I need my crystal ball.

Fans of the jeans like the stylish look that can be dressed up or down although several commenters said they run small (so maybe I’d get the 14s, which is my current size now). The jeans are stretchy and also come in white (I’m way to messy for white jeans - I spill things too much!). A few other companies make fringe hem jeans, but I really like how these have a slanted fringe.

Swatch Lustro Bracelet is my New Favorite Thing

My girlfriend and I stopped into the Swatch store in Times Square for old times sake. We both had been proud owners of Swatches in the 80s/90s. I reminisced about my favorite - a pink, scented version while she waxed poetic about the rubber Swatch guards that kept the faces from getting scratched.

Swatch still has some pretty cool watches. A kiwi one caught my eye as did several rainbow variations. My girlfriend was partial to the banana one. They have a thing now where you can add little add-ons to your watch to make it customized. They seem to have veered away from the old rubber watches of our youth a bit, but what really caught my eye was the jewelry. They had a small section of rings, bracelets, and necklaces and I was a bit smitten with the bracelet. The sales clerk must have caught me staring longingly at the bracelet because she pulled it out of the case and brought it to me. As soon as I tried it on, I had to have it! Treat yoself is unfortunately my too frequent motto.

But I adore my new Lustro bracelet. I had to train myself to take it on and off by myself (lest I be trapped in my bracelet and unable to ever remove it without assistance). I spent a good 15 minutes practicing until I mastered the technique! I’ll still think fondly of my scented Swatch, but the bracelet is my new fave.

How Does Everyone At the "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" Premiere Look So Good?

I have a weakness for celebrity gossip and a good ole red carpet review. I’ve been known to snark on about some of the outfits you see on red carpets, but I can’t even go there with the “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood” premiere. It’s Quentin Tarantino’s new flick and while I know people are iffy on Quentin these days, this red carpet is wild.

First up, Adriana Lima. She’s a model so you sort of expect she’ll look good, but this whole look is A++. This is like perfect Hollywood glamour. The slicked back hair, the red lip, the red dress that is va-va-voom yet also a bit prim with that ruffley high neck collar. I loves it. My hair would never, but I am definitely gonna cop that lip.

Embed from Getty Images

Next up - Maya Hawke. I know zero about her, but after this outfit, I’ll be googling. (Newsflash: she’s the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and I should have known. I also feel old now) This is like what I would wear on a red carpet. The girls are out in that satiny corset, but the suit is amazing. The cut! The slits in the bottom of the pants! I just dig this whole thing. Even if she looks like she could murder me with her stiletto. I adore her mom so I would die happy.

Embed from Getty Images

Next we got Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler fresh off of goth prom. I kid, I kid. They both look amazing and chic. Austin’s all dark and broody, probably due to his recent casting as Elvis. Vanessa looks all sleek with those sheer cutouts, but can we take a moment to appreciate THE POCKETS. Every girl gotta show off a dress with pockets and Vanessa does not disappoint.

Embed from Getty Images

Time for Margot Robbie. She’s just so….How does one look adorable and wholesome and sexy and glamorous but not over the top? I don’t understand it but I love it. I honestly don’t think I could pull off this look. I’d probably end up looking like a 70s bride or something. But Margot kills it.

Embed from Getty Images

Finally, it’s Britney, bitch. Britney has had her ups and downs, but she seems to be pulling through and she seems to be a great mom to boot! I have a soft spot for Britney and she reminds me of all my unicorn friends in the neighborhood who are moms now. They all are in great shape and still dress trendy and sometimes have the “help me” eyes that Britney has here when I see them at events. They’re secretly praying that the little ones aren’t going to paint the dog again or climb the enormous magnolia tree out front (seriously, how the F did they get up there?), they’re calculating just how many stars to put on the chore chart later, and yikes to that teacher note….but for this one brief moment, they’re going to plaster on their best smile. As someone who doesn’t have kids, kudos to them and kudos to Britney! We’re rooting for you!

Embed from Getty Images

I’m not sure how to end this post so I’ll leave you with Quentin looking like he’s proposing to Snoop Dogg on an episode of the Bachelorette because why the hell not!

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4 Jorts and Black Top Combos for Beach Easy Days and Nights

the.ketoblogger_65715516_1290277411129762_5907051529017649189_n (1).jpg

Four different jorts, four different black tops - it doesn’t get easier than this. These were four outfits I wore while on vacation in Atlantic City. The first two looks were more casual while the last two were for nights out. I paired the casual tops with mid-length jean shorts and the dressier tops paired with longer, curve-hugging knee-length shorts. The Shade & Shore Kaci Toe Ring slide sandals from Target are casual and comfortable enough for day wear, but are dressy enough that they look at home in more formal settings.

Packing so many similar things may odd, but for me, it makes knowing what to wear and what to pack super simple. All the tops can mix and match with all the bottoms and finding a comfortable yet stylish sandal is key. You won’t have to pack a bag full of shoes if your sandals can go the distance day or night.

I’m a new fan of White House Black Market. It’s one of the few stores they had in the Quarter (the shopping area) at the Tropicana. I was looking for a fun choice for a night out and they had so many good tops. Here’s some other LBTs (little black tops)!

You Need These Plum Pants...If You Can Find Them

I’m loving this Wild Fable Square Neck Flutter Sleeve Tank and purple jeans: I’m usually a black on black kind of gal. My niece teases me that I always wear black. But not today! I tried this plum colored outfit on for the hell of it and loved it!

They’re from Wild Fable at Target. Like a UFO encounter, I can’t find them on the web site so you might have to venture out to your local Target and check the aisles or clearance racks!

6 Things I'm Loving This Week (including Pink Nails and Plum Pants)


Sally Hansen in Flamin-go!: I’m a big fan of Sally Hansen nail polish and this one is no different. Amazing pink color goes on nice and dries fast!


Wild Fable Square Neck Flutter Sleeve Tank and purple jeans: I’m a black on black kind of gal. My niece teases me that I always wear black. But not today! I tried this plum colored outfit on for the hell of it and loved it!

Little Mix’s Bounce Back (Pride Version): This is a great song and the original video is great, but so is this Pride version!


Nexxus Humectress conditioner is my go-to conditioner when my hair needs help. It smells great, works well, and you can use as a leave-in conditioner as well. If you have Medusa hair like I do, you need this.

Pacifica Cosmic Twinkle Shimmering Body Serum says it will “Boost your aura with a cosmic radiance” - I don’t know about all that, but it sparkles, has hemp oil in it, and smells like vanilla orange (it actually smells like a plastic doll from the 80s, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!).

EV1 Shorts From Ellen Degeneres at Walmart


These are the cutest shorts and I got them at Walmart of all places for only $11! They are from Ellen Degeneres’ EV1 collection and they were on sale. The bonus was that they are size 12, which I haven’t fit into for a while! All that keto is paying off!

They are relaxed fit, a light blue jean color, and feature a racing stripe down the sides. They are fun and sporty and completely different than the other “jorts” I own.

Run, don’t walk, to Walmart to get you a pair. At $11, I doubt they’ll last long. The sizes available at mine were pretty sparse, which is why I tried the 12s. I actually never would have tried them, but the only other size close to mine was 16 and I thought those might be too big! I’m glad I tried them though because they fit great and are super cute.

My New Bathing Suit Bottoms Plus My Favorite Sunscreen


I weighed in at 187.2 today and to celebrate, I went to Target to get some bikini bottoms. I found a bikini top I really liked last year, but I was more self-conscious of my weight last year so I had bought a swim skirt. It was okay - I wore it once to the beach and the rest of the time was just at my house, but I told myself that I would get regular bikini bottoms this year. As a celebration for losing 23 pounds so far (about of the third of the way to go), I treated myself to these cute bottoms from Shade and Shore at Target. They are high waisted and cover almost like a short short, but they have slits in the side to spice it up a bit!

I also picked up some Tanologist Mousse in Medium. I reviewed the Tan Water a few weeks ago, but I wanted to try the mousse to see if it was easier to apply. It was! The mousse smells as nice as the tan water. It’s still clear in the bottle, but it makes a foamy mousse when you pump it out. I found it easier to apply and I think I did a better job with coverage this time. I left it on for 2 hours and rinsed off. It gives a nice natural glow!

Today was the first day using my pool this season. I loaded up on my fave sunscreen - Neutrogena Beach Defense. It smells so nice (very tropical) and it really works. I used Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock because I’ve heard good things about it. My skin has been doing so good on the Olay Regenerist that I’m afraid to mess it up with all these other products, but so far so good!

I feel so good that I’m actually making progress on Keto! I don’t feel deprived. I don’t feel like I’m dieting. I’m getting closer to my former “before” weight of 179. That will be a big milestone for me.

Here’s how to get your hands on the goods (or check your local Target):

Progress Photo: 189.4 Pounds


Since I hit the 180s today, I figured it was time for another set of progress photos. I officially weighed in at 189.4 pounds as of 10 am this morning.


For my photos, I’m wearing a great new Champion C9 sports bra and mesh insert leggings that I got from Target. The C9 sports bra feels more like a bra to me. It has molded cups for shaping and support. It has the hook closure in the back, adjustable straps, and moisture-wicking fabric. It wasn’t super stretchy like my other sports bras that use the Spandex to keep everything in place. This feels super supportive. My girls ain’t going nowhere!

The leggings are super soft and comfy and I love the mesh panels. I don’t know how great these would be for a heavy workout. The fabric feels a bit thin. These run a bit big. I got a large and they actually are a bit big on me, but they still look and feel great - probably the most comfy leggings I own. I’d have no probably wearing these around the house or running errands. I almost wonder if I should buy a spare pair while they’re on sale!

If you want to snag either of these items, you can get them online below or from your local Target. You can also shop all my looks on my Looks page!

Rose Gold Leggings From Target are Amazing!

I’m loving these rose gold leggings from Target! They’re black with rose gold metallic accents along the hips and ankles. The leggings are lightweight, but feel sturdy enough or working out or running errands. They have a wide waistband, which is nice so it doesn’t roll over. I paired it with the boxy crew neck crop from Wild Fable, also from Target. I was going to feel guilty about buying so many new leggings and tops, but these are super cheap! The whole outfit was just over $20!

These leggings may just be super flattering, but I feel like I look a bit slimmer even though the scale is about the same as last week. That’s one of the oddities of Keto -I find that my body changes before it shows up on the scale!


Want to shop this look? You can do it here or on my Looks page!

Cute Beachy Outfit for Picking Up Shells

I’m having a “Calgon, take me away!” kind of day. I’m not even sure the younger folks know that commercial!

Here’s another one…

I may not have any Calgon, but on a day like today, I’d rather be walking on a sandy beach, looking at shells, and hearing the ocean. I saw this super cute bathing suit by Seafolly and it started me down the rabbit hole of this fantasy shell-picking outfit.

I love the Sailor Hat and I’ve never met a pair of cat eye sunglasses that I didn’t like. The beach shirt is like all gauzey so you don’t get too hot, but it’s still covered enough that you can pop in for a drink somewhere after. The beach pant looks super comfy, too. Finish it off with some flip flops (easily removed and carried for your stroll on the beach) and a beach bag to hold your sunscreen and you’re set. Sign me up now! I just have to survive 2 more days until the weekend.

My pool got opened today….sort of. My filter grids were MIA, but the pool guys think they found them at the warehouse so the cover is off, the snake that was living on the cover has moved on, and the water isn’t totally brown. They’re going to come back and put my grids in tomorrow or Friday so I can finish getting this pool swimmable. I’m going to take that as a win. Beggars can’t be choosers today!

8 Retro Bathing Suits That Are Way Too Expensive For Me To Afford

I have a soft spot for retro bathing suits. There’s a certain glamour that comes with wearing a retro suit that reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell and Betty Page. I also find they’re super flattering for girls with curves (like me)! I’m opening my pool on Friday, but I’ve yet to buy a new suit this year. I took to the net to check out some options, but stumbled across these suits that cost more than my monthly car payment! The cherry print bikini up top is soooo cute. It’s also $675! Whomp whomp.

This purple psychedelic suit has such a 60s vibe, but at $280, I’d rather use the extra money to stock up on pool floaties and low carb cocktail mix.

This Balmain beauty gives me a Miami Vice feel. This is 80s all the way. It’s also the most expensive suit at $717!


Here’s the rest of the adorably overpriced retro bathing suits in case you haven’t spent all your money on tiny unicorn floaties for your drinks.

Here’s some more reasonably priced retro bathing suit options!

Cute Summer Sandals at Target


I picked up two pairs of sandals from Target recently, one fancy and one more casual pair. I’ve been desperate to replace my favorite pair of sandals, which were studded toe ring sandals. The Shade & Shore Kaci Toe Ring slide is similar to these long lost holy grail sandals ($12). I wore them in Atlantic City and they were super comfortable. I thought the rhinestones would be scratchy, but they’re made really well so they don’t scratch up your foot.

I also got a more casual pair. The Mad Love Two Band Tahlia sandal was $16 on sale. The straps are stretchy and they’re also pretty comfortable, but I find myself grabbing the Shad & Shore ones more!

You can shop all my looks on my Looks page.

Here’s some of my fave sandals from Target:

So Pretty! Pink Velvet Boots by TOMS

I was out shopping at DSW and found these pink velvet boots in the clearance section! They’re by TOMS and they are amazing. Adorably pink with a flat heel, these are a cute addition that won’t hurt your feet. I wore them all night to a concert without even breaking them in and they didn’t hurt my feet. They were a steal at $25. They were in the clearance section and I had a coupon. I love scoring a deal!

As you can tell, my boot obsession is a bit out of control, but boots and shoes are an easy way to jazz up your outfit. These boots are definitely an eye catcher and compliment getter!

Yummy Pink Velvet!

Pink velvet feels so decadent! It's like the fabric version of strawberry milkshakes and cotton candy and pretty pink cocktails. Pink velvet punches up any casual outfit. It's a no-calorie indulgence! This jacket is from Topshop and I think it’s sold out, but here’s a similar one. The books are my new fave from TOMS. My bracelets are from Alex and Ani. I’ve collected so many of them through the years!

Want to add these items or any of my other looks on the site to YOUR closet? You can shop all my looks on the Looks page!

The Best Pastel Rainbow Glitter Boots for When You Feel Like A Unicorn


I instantly fell in love with these pastel rainbow glitter Doc Martens. They are probably the most gorgeous pair of DocMartens I’ve ever seen. They’re also comfortable, which is a bonus!


These boots have gone on many adventures with me, usually to concerts because they are fun and functional. They’ve held up remarkably well, too! The glitter has stayed put (but I don’t wear them on a daily basis).


Just Add Sequins...Dazzle Up A Military Jacket with a Rainbow Sequin Backpack


This look is such a fun study in contrasts. Pair a drab green Superdry miltary jacket with a rainbow sequin backpack for a casual look that is anything, but boring. I love my Superdry jacket, but sometimes military green feels a bit bland. This fun rainbow sequin backpack livens up the look while storing your essentials.

Want to add these items or any of my other looks on the site to YOUR closet? You can shop all my looks on the Looks page!