Monday Music for Working Out

Here’s my playlist from today’s treadmill session. I do a slow jog/fast walk depending how my knees and ankles are holding up! I found that Flo Rida is the perfect plodding beat for my slow jog. I’m pretty shocked that I’ve been keeping up with my treadmill workout. I actually am sort of craving it now. I was so tired after work today, but once I put on my sneakers and sports bra, I was ready!

Glam Glittery Treadmill Playlist

I actually worked out after work today! I had a very stressful meeting and then was busy after that so I needed some stress relief when I got home. I was listening to Adam Lambert in the pool this past weekend and I had forgotten how much I love his stuff - it gets me pumped! So, I made my faves into a glam glittery playlist on Spotify. I did the treadmill and did a fast walk/slow jog for most of it. I try to pump my arms a bit as I’m walking/jogging. My old track coach used to say your arms make your legs go and he’s right! I will do kind of an uppercut move or just bop along to the music. It makes it a bit more exciting than just plain walking.


Pinky the Treadmill is fabulous. She’s very motivating to me and I feel like I’m in the Barbie gym when I work out, which somehow makes working out more tolerable. But, I pushed my poor treadmill to the limit on Never Close Our Eyes when I got too bouncy and the tread felt like it was going to fly off the track and across the room. Note to self: chill. This is a pretty treadmill, but is not made for heavy usage!

I weigh myself every day because I like to see what’s going on, but the scale this week has been staying the same. I don’t officially weigh in until Saturday so I’m hoping for some better numbers by then, but I feel like I’m making some progress when I see this picture of me in my workout gear! My body seems to get there before the scale reflects my weight loss.

After my workout, I hopped in the pool and it was so refreshing! After all my struggles with the pool flooding and turning muddy last year, the wall seems to be helping! We had heavy thunderstorms all this week and the pool has survived! I made a promise to myself to use the pool more this year because I sometimes take it for granted and don’t use it when I have the chance. It was a great way to end my workout and floating was super relaxing.

It’s almost the weekend! We can all hang in there one more day! After my meeting today (which I had been stressing), I felt like my weekend had already begun! As the receptionist at work says, “It’s Friday Eve!”

Rose Gold Leggings From Target are Amazing!

I’m loving these rose gold leggings from Target! They’re black with rose gold metallic accents along the hips and ankles. The leggings are lightweight, but feel sturdy enough or working out or running errands. They have a wide waistband, which is nice so it doesn’t roll over. I paired it with the boxy crew neck crop from Wild Fable, also from Target. I was going to feel guilty about buying so many new leggings and tops, but these are super cheap! The whole outfit was just over $20!

These leggings may just be super flattering, but I feel like I look a bit slimmer even though the scale is about the same as last week. That’s one of the oddities of Keto -I find that my body changes before it shows up on the scale!


Want to shop this look? You can do it here or on my Looks page!

Quick Tuesday Workout: Fitness Marshall

I haven’t worked out in forever. I usually wait until I’ve got my food routine all worked out before adding in exercise so it isn’t too many new things all at once. The Fitness Marshall videos on YouTube are literally the only online aerobic dance/fitness videos I enjoy. What I love about them is that they’re only the length of the song so you can do as many or as few as you want. Since I haven’t been that active lately, I did a short four song workout.

The Fitness Marshall videos are so fun that it doesn’t feel like working out to me. They are hard to keep up with until you are familiar with the routines. It helps to watch the backup dancers if you find yourself getting lost because there usually is one doing a slightly easier variation. Still, mastering the moves is part of the fun! I try not to stress how much of a dork I probably look doing some of the moves. No one is gonna see me but the dog (and maybe the cats)!

Cute Colorblock Workout Gear at Walmart

I have been lusting after the P.E. Nation colorblock leggings for awhile now. They do a lot of blue/orange combos that are super cute. Sadly, the price tag has been keeping me from getting them, so I got excited when I spotted this cute AVIA workout gear from Walmart! At under $20 for each piece, it’s the same colorblock look for a fraction of the cost. The sports bra was surprisingly comfy, too. I tried finding this online, but only found the sports bra so if you want the exact leggings, you may have to go in person, but you can shop similar styles on my Shop My Looks page.

Here’s some of my faves from P.E. Nation if you want to drool over them like me: