Dinner: Gorton's Grilled Salmon with Kohlrabi Noodles

I knew this was going to be a busy week for me so I made sure I had some easy dinner options for when I come home too tired to mess with making a big dinner. My dinner tonight was Gorton’s Grilled salmon. I added butter, lemon juice, and pepper to spice it up a bit. I do microwave it, which isn’t the recommended preparation, but in less than 4 minutes, I have salmon ready. I also had a side of kohlrabi noodles with butter and Parmesan cheese. I add salt and some crushed red pepper on top. It was a filling dinner!

I am actually sad I didn’t stock up on more of the grilled salmon (there’s only 2 in a pack), but I can stock up next week since this is a short week and I probably won’t have time to run to the store after work. These little salmon squares can be used in so many different ways. Add some salsa for a fish taco inspired meal or add soy sauce or coconut aminos and vegetables for some Chinese takeout!

The Perfect TGIF Keto Dinner!


When I was growing up, Fridays were pizza nights. My dad would order Pizza Hut (literally the only pizza he seemed to like) and we would sit around the table eating pizza and talking about our day. My parents were both PE teachers so they always had really funny stories and to this day, pizza on Friday reminds me of growing up.

Pizza on low carb/keto for me has always meant either sauce, cheese, and pepperonis on an omelette or in a portobello mushroom cap. I’ve never tried making the Fathead pizza dough. Because of my almond allergy, I don’t use almond flour and I haven’t found the need to buy coconut flour just yet. The omelettes and mushrooms were okay, but it’s just not the same, you know?

You can imagine my delight when I had Quest pizza for the first time. I was skeptical due to the higher carb count but the fiber count is also high making the net carbs really reasonable (only around 6g net carbs for half of the pizza. Even doubling that net carb count by eating the whole thing is still well within a 20g carb allowance. I usually try to keep 1-2 of the Quest pizzas in my freezer for those times when I need a quick keto-friendly meal.

Getting to eat my Friday pizza makes me feel like I’m not dieting and it’s super satisfying because it tastes like regular pizza. Quest has worked a miracle. Next on my “to try” list is the Quest loaded taco protein chips!

I’m about to embark on an egg fast this weekend so I had to squeeze in one good, non-egg meal tonight!

Review: Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds - Sea Salt and Pepper


I have a confession to make. I used to hate pork rinds. Back in my old low carb days, I tried them and almost gagged. I hated them. I hated the smell, the texture, the taste…all of it. When I started Keto, I decided to give them a try again. I got a different brand and started with pork rind nachos, figuring if they were covered in cheese and salt, I wouldn’t notice the taste.

The Smithfield Farms ones I got from my grocery store actually weren’t bad. Either pork rind technology had changed since 10 years ago or I just got a better brand. I still wouldn’t binge on them, but with salsa, cheese, and sometimes guac, they were pretty tasty.

Enter Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds. I saw them on sale at the grocery store and picked up the sea salt and pepper flavor and the chile and lime flavor figuring I should expand my pork rind horizons. I popped open the sea salt and pepper ones and gave them a cautious taste. Holy cow (or should I say pig?)! These are incredible. The flavor was amazing. They had a nice crunch. It was almost like eating potato chips. I was in shock. I was actually eating pork rinds without smothering them in cheese! They are made with “organic, non-gmo, pastured, and pork raised without antibiotics combined with simple seasonings” and I think that makes the difference.

I’m really hooked on these now. The sea salt and pepper is definitely my favorite of the two I got, but I got some queso and I’m going to try some pork rind nachos with the chile and lime…but the great thing is I don’t NEED to. I have eaten those on their own and they are just as good plain.

I never thought I’d be a pork rind lover, but here we are. If you see them, give them a try and you might get hooked like me! They also come in:

Father's Day - Staying Keto with My Dad + Getting Some Fabulous Unicorn Pool Time

Today, I went to PF Changs with my dad for Father’s Day. I haven’t seen him for a bit, but he’s been working out and eating a lot of chicken and fish and he looks great! He’s lost some weight and he goes to the county gym every day. He’s 74 years old - what an inspiration!

I did a quick google search for PF Changs nutrition while I was deciding what to order. I got a dirty martini, which is a safe keto alcohol choice! I got the egg drop soup, which had 6 carbs, but I didn’t finish it all. The Black Pepper Chicken had the lowest carbs at 24 g net carbs (although PF Changs has surprisingly high carb counts for food that you might not think had a lot of carbs). I ended up eating only half and taking the rest home, but I ate my leftovers plus some leftover Quest pizza for dinner. Breakfast earlier in the day was 2 hardboiled eggs and some bacon. So, I’ve had a pretty decent keto day, if a a bit higher carb than usual (around 31g for the day and 1260 calories) even with eating out.

I actually wore a dress! I had bought this dress at Target a while ago, but hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet. It was pretty hot today so after running a bunch of errands before my dad arrived, I threw on the dress and some sandals and I was good to go! I felt really good today! I find these cute finds at Walmart. The holographic glasses came home with me because they were too amazing not to buy!

After my dad left, I got in some pool time. I forgot to buy a pool lounger float (the kind you lie down on with the cupholders in the arms), but I did remember that I had a unicorn float still in a box so I used up all of my lung capacity blowing it up since I couldn’t find the air pump! I also got a chance to wear my fun red heart sunglasses!

Here’s where you can get your hands on any of the items featured in this post (or similar). The sandals are sold out online (although I’ve seen them at my local Target) so the ones below are similar. Also, the unicorn float is close to the one I have but not the same!

Zone Keto Shake Tastes Pretty Good, But....


I’m always on the hunt for cool new keto products so I was excited to try the Zone Keto shakes. I looked online and the nutrition looked good so I picked up a 4-pack of the pineapple coconut flavor (I’m a bit obsessed lately with pineapple coconut…I blame summer). When I got home, I was reading over the label again and saw that it contained less than 1% almond butter. No!

I have a sensitivity to almonds. I don’t think it’s a full blown nut allergy, but when I eat them, my mouth and lips go numb and my lips sometimes poof up a little. I keep some children’s CVS-brand Benadryl in the house for those kinds of moments where I eat something like that and the feeling usually goes away.

I was torn. It was less than 1% almond butter and other ingredients. Maybe it would be okay. I took a small sip and waited. So far so good. The taste is creamy and tastes like a pina colada with more coconut than pineapple. I took another small sip and waited. Still okay. But, then I got brave and took a larger sip. And there it was. The telltale numbness and slightly puffiness kicking in. Darn it. I took a small swig of the childrens Benadryl just in case and wanted to cry because these actually seem like pretty good shakes. Oh well. Maybe someone at work will drink them. If you don’t have nut allergies, give these a try. It tasted good from the few sips I had. I also think Zone should make their allergy listing more prominent. It’s hidden under a + sign you have to expand so I missed it when I was on their site (I didn’t think pineapple coconut would have almonds in it….my bad).

My dream would be to open a nut-free Keto company. There are soooo many neat bars and shakes out there, but many have nuts in them, which really limits me, especially in the bar department. There are plenty of other options without nuts, but it’s just a shame that some of the coolest products or products that don’t seem like they’d have nuts in them do!

So, the hunt continues. I’m headed to Walmart tomorrow (wish me luck!) and they have a Zone CarbWise shake that doesn’t have nuts that I’ve got my heart set on trying.

Premier Protein Banana and Cream Shake Review Plus Quick Recipe


I can’t believe I slept on Premier Protein for so long! I’ve tried a bunch of their flavors and they have some really good ones that are becoming my faves. You’ve heard me go on about the Peaches and Cream shake. Now make room for the Banana and Cream!

It tastes like banana cream pie. I got war flashbacks to my mom’s banana pudding vanilla wafer pie thing she used to make. It tastes very similar! Someone on Instagram suggested mixing the shake with 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds in a bowl and letting it sit overnight to make banana cream chia pudding. I’m going to have to try that!

The Premier Protein shakes really do a great job of keeping me full. I used to have my protein shake around 1 to tide me over until dinner, but I’ve been switching it up lately and having them around 11 am as a pre-lunch and then eating my lunch around 1 pm. I’m not as hungry by dinner time. I also like how the Premier Protein shakes are not overly sweet. They taste like whatever flavor they are supposed to taste like without being all over the top about it. Anyways, always good to find another keeper!

I'm Obsessed with Trimino Protein-Infused Water


I saw Trimino Protein-Infused Water on sale at my local grocery store and I tossed it in my cart, figuring it was worth giving a try. I cracked it open this afternoon and OMG….obsessed. I got the coconut pineapple flavor and it tastes so good! It’s true to its name, tasting of pineapple and coconut - a bit like a pina colada! It has 28 calories per bottle, 0g carbs, and 7g protein. There is whey protein in it and the full recommended daily allowance of B3, B5, B6, and B12 vitamins. I had some yesterday after vacuuming my pool and it was so refreshing!

The other flavors are strawberry lemonade, peach, mixed berry, raspberry limeade, citrus, and orchard. The Trimino site claims protein water can reduce appetite and hunger levels, increase muscle mass and strength, and reduce cravings and desire for snacks. I haven’t drank it enough to know whether it helps with any of those things, but I like the idea of getting protein from water. I tend to carry protein shakes around with me for those “just in case” busy times when I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat my lunch at work so being able to get that from water is pretty amazing, too! I’m going to head back to the grocery store this week and get more so I’ll keep you posted on how the other flavors taste, but the coconut pineapple is really good!