Video: My Eggfast Results Plus My Menu for the Week

In this video, I discuss my egg fast experience and results. I also walk you through my meal plan for the week. I do plan to incorporate some of those egg meals into my week, just not all at once!

Here’s some of the products that will make your life easier. I love the Ecolution ceramic pans. I have them in big and little sizes and they cook great and clean up easy! I got mine at Home Goods. A bullet blender is so useful for so many things. I use it for blending my Bulletproof coffee and most recently, for making my cream cheese egg pancake batter. The Dash griddle and waffle maker are so adorably cute. They are TINY. They come in fun colors and are perfect for just making food for 1-2 people. I haven’t quite mastered mine yet, but I have both the griddle and waffle maker and they are adorable.