6 Steps to Keto-fy Your Kitchen

Ready to take the keto plunge, but not sure how to start? Getting your kitchen keto-ready will set you up for success. Here’s a few tips to make the transition!

1. Pick a Start Day

Before jumping in unprepared, stop and make a plan for when you’re going to start. Picking a date helps you have time to plan your meals, clear out your kitchen of the bad stuff, and fill it up with keto-friendly choices.

2. Sort Out Your Pantry and Fridge

Take some time to get rid of food that isn’t on plan. If you have breads and cookies laying around, you’re more likely to go off plan just as you’re getting started. If you don’t have it, you can’t eat it.

3. Stock Up on Keto-Friendly Food

Make a menu so you know what you’ll be eating and then fill up your fridge with keto-friendly options. Things I always like to have on-hand: hard-boiled eggs, cream, protein like chicken or tuna, cheese, veggies, ranch dressing, coconut oil, butter, low carb protein shakes, Chipotle Tabasco (for adding some kick to my Chipotle bowls), cream cheese, GG high-fiber crackers, and Everything Bagel seasoning.

4. Make a List of Carb Counts for Your Favorite Foods

When you’re first starting out, you might want a reminder of how many carbs are in the main foods you eat. I also like the Stupid Simple Keto app because it takes the guesswork out of counting carbs.

5. Don’t Forget the Drinks

Food isn’t your only source of carbs - drinks can be full of carbs. Juices are a no-go as are sugary sodas. Make the switch to water, tea, or seltzer or other low carb drinks. Water is best, but I need something like Crystal Light to put in it because I don’t like plain water. Make sure to count the carbs in those - most have a gram or two of carbs! Don’t forget to count alcoholic drink carbs as well. I stick to Spiked Seltzer or Rum and Diet Cokes.

6. Make Sure You Have Cooking Tools

Although it’s possible to eat out and stay keto, most people do better if they make their own food. Stock your kitchen with the tools you’ll need to cook such as pans for frying eggs, baking dishes for roasting veggies, a bullet blender for making Bulletproof Coffee, a George Foreman Grill for cooking burgers. I also make sure I have a stash of storage containers for storing and transporting food for lunches.