Up 4 Pounds from Vacation, but Probably Water Weight!

I did my official weekend weigh-in and it wasn’t pretty. I’m up 4 pounds from my pre-vacation weight of 184.8 pounds. The good news is that I think most of this is just water weight and it will fall off pretty quickly now that I’m back to keto. I was 192 pounds the night I got back from vacation so I’ve already dropped some. I stuck to keto when I could (including this awesome Caesar salad from Broadway Burger), but I did go off plan so I’m paying the price now! I am pretty good about getting right back on plan when I get home from vacation, but it does usually waste a week getting back to where I was before.

It feels good to be back on keto because it takes all the guesswork out of what to eat. On vacation, our biggest debates were what to eat. My girlfriend is notoriously picky and I was attempting to stay keto so our options were limited. Now that I’m back home, I’ve got my good old staples that I rely on during keto - Chipotle bowls, my Quest pizza, bunless burgers, my GG crackers.

My motivation is at an all-time high though because of the pictures of my outfits from vacation. Seeing the results I’ve gotten so far is just motivation to keep going! I know I can lose the weight. I’ve done it before so it’s just a matter of sticking to my plan and giving it some time.

My get back on track menu is Chipotle bowls for lunch, Quest pizza or bunless burgers for dinner, my GG crackers with cream cheese and Everything Bagel seasoning for night snacks. During the week, I’m going to get my usual bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit minus the biscuit for breakfast, turkey burgers for lunch, and dinner will probably be Subway salads or Chipotle.


The new Carne Asada from Chipotle is pretty tasty. I’m not a huge beef eater, but I’ve recently gotten sick of just chicken and pork so I’ve tried the steak and now the Carne Asada from Chipotle. The Carne Asada is a bit more flavorful than the regular steak. I’ve had it twice now with guacamole, salsa, cheese, and lettuce and it’s working well to get me back on track. I do like my bowls better with Chipotle Tabasco on top. I ran out and had to go without today and that was sad.

How My Egg Fast Went

I was excited to start my egg fast this morning. I like eggs, although I wasn’t sure about an entire day of them! I started my day with 2 fried eggs cooked in a bit of butter topped with 2 TB cream cheese, and everything bagel seasoning. It was really good! Everything bagel seasoning makes everything taste great! I was super full after that so I forgot to eat my cheese for a snack.


For lunch, I had egg salad with 2 hardboiled eggs, 2 TB mayo, everything bagel seasoning (because why not), a bit of ground mustard, and a cut up cheese stick. My cat was drawn to my egg salad as if it were served over a bed of catnip. I have no idea why, but I ended up eating the egg salad standing up at my kitchen island because he wouldn’t leave me alone.

I felt a little rough after lunch. Just tired and a bit weak. I had a cheese stick with olive oil, salt, and pepper as a snack and then a wedge of brie a bit later. That helped a bit. I made some bulletproof coffee with Kerrygold butter and coconut oil to get me to dinner.

Dinner was the one I was most excited for. I made cream cheese egg pancakes. They looked ugly, but they tasted great. I topped them with butter and Walden Farms no calorie, no carb syrup. Super yummy and didn’t even feel like I was eating eggs….again.

To make the pancakes, I put 2 eggs and 2 TB cream cheese in a bullet blender and mixed together. I heated up 1 TB butter in a pan and poured the batter on top. I cooked one side and then attempted to flip it over nicely but you can see how my attempt went! I finished cooking it and served with 1 TB butter and the syrup.


I don’t think I’ll do this again tomorrow. I like all of these egg meals independently, but having them all in one day was rough. I don’t know how people do 3 or even 5 days of this! I’ve had a bit of a headache all day and I blame the egg fast!

We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow, but the thing I like about keto is that I don’t feel hungry and I don’t feel like I’m on some wacky diet. While I wasn’t super hungry (probably because of all the fat I’m eating), I actually was craving vegetables all day. I’m going to try and go the full day just doing the egg fast as planned for the sake of being able to report on it, but I’m definitely jonesing for some veggies.

Grocery list for the day:

  • 6 eggs (4 fresh and 2 hardboiled)

  • 4 TB cream cheese (2 with breakfast, 2 for dinner)

  • 2 cheese sticks (1 in egg salad, 1 as snack)

  • 2 small wedges brie (snack)

  • 2 TB mayo (in egg salad)

  • 1 TB olive oil (with cheese stick snack)

  • 4 TB butter (2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner)

  • everything bagel seasoning (with breakfast and lunch)

  • salt and pepper

  • ground mustard (in egg salad)

All the meals I made today were great and I plan to eat them again as part of my normal keto diet, just maybe not all at once! This was a super easy day of eating since I always knew what I was going to eat and all the meals were easy to make. This could be beneficial for someone starting out who doesn’t want to think about what to eat.

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

I love buffalo chicken wings so a salad inspired by that? I’m all in! This comes together super fast - even faster if you use precooked rotisserie chicken. I poached and shredded chicken breasts and that was the hardest part of this whole recipe. If you can boil water, you can poach chicken!

I did take some time to google the best way to poach chicken because I’ve done it before and had mixed results. I don’t usually like poached chicken unless it’s being used as a base for chicken salad or something else. This turned out pretty great and I was actually looking forward to coming home tonight to eat it again for dinner!

  • 3 Chicken Breasts, poached or otherwise cooked and shredded

  • Water or chicken stock

  • Salt and other herbs for poaching

  • 1/4 cup buffalo wing sauce

  • 2 TB butter

  • Lettuce

  • Celery

  • Blue cheese dressing

If you are going to poach the chicken (instead of using precooked chicken): Put chicken breasts in a pot and cover with water or chicken stock to about an inch over the chicken. Add some salt and any additional seasonings you want to the water. You don’t have to add any herbs or use chicken stock but it may give more flavor. Since this chicken is just going to be covered in wing sauce, I skipped the seasonings besides salt. Turn the heat onto medium and wait for it to come to a low boil. When it starts to boil, reduce hit and let cook the rest of the way for approximately 15 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Remove breasts from pot and let rest and cool on a plate for a bit. Shred the chicken with your fingers or two forks.

In a saucepan, melt the butter and add the wing sauce and stir to combine. Add the shredded chicken and combine so all chicken is coated in wing sauce.

Serve over top lettuce and celery and top with Blue Cheese Dressing. I forgot the celery when I made mine * facepalm * but this was still super tasty!

A Beautiful Bunless Bacon Burger


I have been having soup for almost a week and I’m a bit over it! My cold is hopefully on the way out although my appetite is just not quite there yet. I was craving a burger last night, but was too lazy to go get it so when I was still sort of craving it to day, it was meant to be!

I have not really been doing keto since I got home from NYC, but I’ve also barely been eating (besides soup) so I’m now at 188.2 pounds - back to my pre-vacation weight. I was a bit lower a week or so before I went on vacation, but poofed up while PMSing so I feel like I’m back to where I was before NYC. With nothing planned yet until the end of September, I’m going to try and knock out as much of this weight as I can before my next trip.

The burger is a Bacon Whopper with Cheese from Burger King minus the bun. It’s super filling and usually really good. I don’t know what it is about my local Burger King, but their food usually looks really good (for a fast food place). I worked at a Burger King in high school so I know the struggle. I also had some sugar snap peas with buttermilk ranch dressing. I’ve been sort of not in the mood for vegetables lately, but the sugar snap peas are getting me through my vegetable funk. I normally love salads and veggies, but I think the cold has turned me off of a lot of food at the moment.

I’m sort of antsy to get this weight loss done. I know it’s a process and I’ll get there, but it’s frustrating how long it takes (in comparison to how easy it seemed to put it on). I’m about 10 pounds away from my “former fat weight” so that will be a bit of a milestone for me. I swore I would never go over that weight, but shit happens. I’ve stopped beating myself up over it and just do what I need to do to get where I need to be.

Recipe: Tinfoil Tilapia with Salsa

Tilapia cooked in a packet couldn't be any easier! The salsa flavors the tilapia. Serve with guacamole or slices of avocado.

  • 4 oz tilapia fillets (two small fillets)

  • 3 TB salsa

  • 1 tsp lime juice

  • Guacamole or sliced avocado

  • Lettuce

 Preheat oven to 350°.  Spray foil lined baking sheet with PAM spray. Place fish on foil. Spread salsa over fillets and squeeze lime juice over top.  Fold the foil over to make a packet.  Bake for 20 minutes or until fish is flaky. Add salt and pepper, as necessary. Serve over lettuce with guacamole or sliced avocado.

Day 2 of Intermittent Fasting


I have finally worked up to intermittent fasting. I’ve been aiming for a 16:8 (fast for 16 hours, eat for 8 hours) and the last two days I’ve gotten to about 15 hours. Close enough!

I’ve been having my last snack (usually some provolone cheese with butter and a salad) by 8 pm. When I wake up, I’ve been having Bulletproof Coffee (coffee with 1 TB coconut oil and 1 TB butter blended in the Bullet blender). I have one more coffee (just with cream) at work and then eat my lunch at 11 am. I actually haven’t been super starving at work and probably could make it to noon, but I’d rather not push it!

I don’t have access to my phone during work, but the Zero app is an app that will time your fast for you and also has notifications that help you stick with it. I set the timer just now so we’ll see how it goes, although I’ll probably be inside my work facility when the fast is over.

I feel like I’ve really simplified my meal plan and it’s just so easy now. I’ve been bringing a sausage patty to work just in case I got hungry, but so far I haven’t needed it! For lunch, I’m having my ground turkey and broccoli with mayo. This is so easy to just throw in my bag and reheat. It’s also easy to eat while I’m working!

I’m still having my Muscle Milk 100 shake in the afternoon. Dinner is my tuna, egg, avocado salad. Next week, I think I’ll switch to Cobb Salad to keep things interesting!

My snack around 7-7:30 is two slices of provolone spread with butter. I saw it on Diet Doctor and it sounded kind of weird, but it’s great! It’s really helped me hit my macros and it’s a very filling snack. I have a small salad with lettuce, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes with some Simply Dressed dressing and I’m good for the night.

I had hesitated in starting intermittent fasting because I didn’t want to be hungry at work, but I realized I often wait until 11 am to eat on the weekends so I gave it a try and it was easier than I thought. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll keep up with all the time, but I like knowing it’s now an option!

A Relaxing Weekend and Meal Prep for the Week

I had an incredibly relaxing weekend. I ran errands in the mornings and lazed in the pool in the afternoons. It’s been nice just doing nothing for a change!

This week was an odd one for my weight loss. The scale showed no change. I was even up a pound from last week, but I swear I feel thinner. I’m not sweating it, but I am tightening up my meals this week. I have been sticking to keto but I did have a lot of snacks last week - just eating more than I probably needed to. I’ve got 2.5 weeks until my birthday so I’m trying to make some progress before then!

I did my meal prep for the week. I made turkey and broccoli in a pan and topped it with a dollop of avocado oil mayo. That will be lunch for the next four days. Dinner is going to be tuna salad with egg and avocado. Breakfast will be bulletproof coffee and turkey sausage. Snacks are Muscle Milk 100 protein shakes and cheese.

Despite my lack of movement on the scale this week, I feel really good. I’ve gotten so used to this way of eating that I don’t really have cravings for other things. I’ve even been looking forward to doing the treadmill more!

Zone Keto Shake Tastes Pretty Good, But....


I’m always on the hunt for cool new keto products so I was excited to try the Zone Keto shakes. I looked online and the nutrition looked good so I picked up a 4-pack of the pineapple coconut flavor (I’m a bit obsessed lately with pineapple coconut…I blame summer). When I got home, I was reading over the label again and saw that it contained less than 1% almond butter. No!

I have a sensitivity to almonds. I don’t think it’s a full blown nut allergy, but when I eat them, my mouth and lips go numb and my lips sometimes poof up a little. I keep some children’s CVS-brand Benadryl in the house for those kinds of moments where I eat something like that and the feeling usually goes away.

I was torn. It was less than 1% almond butter and other ingredients. Maybe it would be okay. I took a small sip and waited. So far so good. The taste is creamy and tastes like a pina colada with more coconut than pineapple. I took another small sip and waited. Still okay. But, then I got brave and took a larger sip. And there it was. The telltale numbness and slightly puffiness kicking in. Darn it. I took a small swig of the childrens Benadryl just in case and wanted to cry because these actually seem like pretty good shakes. Oh well. Maybe someone at work will drink them. If you don’t have nut allergies, give these a try. It tasted good from the few sips I had. I also think Zone should make their allergy listing more prominent. It’s hidden under a + sign you have to expand so I missed it when I was on their site (I didn’t think pineapple coconut would have almonds in it….my bad).

My dream would be to open a nut-free Keto company. There are soooo many neat bars and shakes out there, but many have nuts in them, which really limits me, especially in the bar department. There are plenty of other options without nuts, but it’s just a shame that some of the coolest products or products that don’t seem like they’d have nuts in them do!

So, the hunt continues. I’m headed to Walmart tomorrow (wish me luck!) and they have a Zone CarbWise shake that doesn’t have nuts that I’ve got my heart set on trying.

Keto-Friendly Pineapple Coconut Whip Drink is Like Vacay in Glass


I saw this recipe for a Pineapple Coconut whip drink on Keto Life Agora’s Instagram and I knew I had to try it! It’s so easy to make - just two ingredients.

  1. Put two splashes of heavy cream in a glass.

  2. Add Sparkling Ice Pineapple coconut.

  3. Stir!

That’s literally it. It tastes like a fluffy pina colada! It’s about 100 calories and just under 1 carb for the heavy cream if you use about 2 tablespoons. The Sparkling Ice is zero everything. What a great little treat. The recipe even suggested adding a touch of coconut rum if you want an alcoholic version. Sign me up! I’m going to have to try this with more of the Sparkling Ice flavors.

Premier Protein Banana and Cream Shake Review Plus Quick Recipe


I can’t believe I slept on Premier Protein for so long! I’ve tried a bunch of their flavors and they have some really good ones that are becoming my faves. You’ve heard me go on about the Peaches and Cream shake. Now make room for the Banana and Cream!

It tastes like banana cream pie. I got war flashbacks to my mom’s banana pudding vanilla wafer pie thing she used to make. It tastes very similar! Someone on Instagram suggested mixing the shake with 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds in a bowl and letting it sit overnight to make banana cream chia pudding. I’m going to have to try that!

The Premier Protein shakes really do a great job of keeping me full. I used to have my protein shake around 1 to tide me over until dinner, but I’ve been switching it up lately and having them around 11 am as a pre-lunch and then eating my lunch around 1 pm. I’m not as hungry by dinner time. I also like how the Premier Protein shakes are not overly sweet. They taste like whatever flavor they are supposed to taste like without being all over the top about it. Anyways, always good to find another keeper!

Recipe: Super Easy Quick Keto Chili


I was in the mood for chili tonight and this was super easy and quick to pull together. I woke up from a power nap and was eating in 20 minutes or so. What’s great about this recipe is that you can easy tweak it to suit your tastes - add onions or peppers, add different kinds of diced tomatoes, add avocado -whatever you want.


  • 1 TB butter

  • 1 lb ground beef

  • spices (onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, cilantro, etc.)

  • 1 14.5-ounce can diced fire-roasted tomatoes (garlic flavor)

  • sour cream

  • shredded cheese (i used 4 cheese Mexican blend)

  • salt and pepper

Melt butter in pan over medium high heat. Add ground beef and brown. Add your spices as the meat is browning. I just did a few shakes each of onion powder, garlic powder, cilantro, and chili powder. When meat is cooked, add the diced tomatoes. Lower the heat a bit and let simmer for a bit. Serve with sour cream and cheese and whatever toppings you like. Top with salt and pepper as desired.

This came out so good, especially since it was so quick to make. The fire-roasted tomatoes really added great flavor. You could easily add some onions, peppers, and garlic to this, but it doesn’t even need it!

This was my first time using the squeeze sour cream, which was kind of weird but I see the appeal! I may be a convert to this odd little packet!

Now I’ve got lunch for the week all sorted!

Working Through the Guilt That Comes With Regaining Weight

Me now.

Me now.

Anyone who has lost weight has probably experienced that feeling when the weight creeps on, whether it’s 5 pounds or 50. Sometimes, it sneaks up on you and you wake up and wonder how you got to THAT number on the scale. Sometimes, it’s no surprise - you see it happening, you know it’s happening, yet due to life circumstances or health issues, you can’t do anything about it at that moment. Often, there comes that day when you feel it - guilt. How did I left myself get to that place?

I’ve struggled with this a lot, especially lately. As someone who was a “success story” at one point in my life, there’s an extra feeling of failure. I lost all that weight - 54 pounds worth - only to eventually gain it all back plus another 30 when I was at my highest weight last year. It’s hard for me to look at my success pictures sometimes because I get so mad at myself. I was there. I had done what so many people struggle with - I had lost a large amount of weight and got to goal. That had never happened in my life with the myriad diets I had tried, yet this time, I got to goal. I kept it off for a few years and then as life does, it just sort of crept on bit by bit. The stressful year my mom died was the icing on the cake. I was barely holding on that year and while some people don’t eat when they’re stressed, I was the opposite. Food was always a source of celebration and comfort in my family and that year was no different. I ended up at 210 pounds, my highest weight ever.

I’m in a better place most days now, but my body still isn’t there yet, and that’s hard. I worry that I’ve “ruined” my chances for getting that “success story” body again. I look at my stomach and I wonder if it will snap back like it did before or will it sag? When I lost weight the first time, I had 54 pounds to lose. As I lost weight, my body just sort of snapped back into place. People used to ask me about sagging and I didn’t know what they meant. I just hadn’t experienced it. Now, as I’m still trying to get down to my former “before” weight of 179, I worry that my body isn’t going to cooperate this time. I’m older. I have more to lose. What am I actually going to look like when I get to goal?

Me as a diet success story

Me as a diet success story

I’m extremely lucky to have a girlfriend that loves me at all sizes. She also has a very realistic philosophy on looks and body. Her philosophy is “This is me. This is what I look like. Take it or leave it.” It is amazingly freeing to be in a relationship with someone who you know will accept you no matter what size you are, grey hair, chin hairs, body rolls, whatever. I actually attribute some of my previous weight loss success to her philosophy because there was no pressure to lose weight FOR someone. It was up to me. It became an option, something I could choose to do…or not. It was only when I started doing it for myself, that I experienced success.

My body has gotten me through a lot - marriage, divorce, trips to NYC, funerals, celebrations, work, and play. I’ve been in this skin and these bones for more than four decades and I’ve got to be gentle with myself. They often say weight loss is a journey and that’s so true. And sometimes, your destination looks exactly like it did in the pictures online and sometimes, it doesn’t. But, you can still have a great time once you get there!

So, I push on towards my goal. I don’t know when I’ll get there or what exactly it’s going to look like, but I’m going to try and throw away the feelings of guilt. How I got to this place is no longer important. There’s no use in looking backwards and lamenting what I could have or should have done. I just have to keep pressing forward to my goal and when I get there, no matter what it looks like, I can feel a sense of accomplishment at having gotten there!

GimMe Organic Seaweed Snacks - Did I Really Just Binge Eat an Entire Package of Seaweed?


If you told me I would binge eat an entire pack of seaweed snacks, I would not have believed you. But it happened, folks. Granted 1 serving was half a package and there were probably 20 tiny sheets of seaweed total, but what the hell!?!?!

At first, I didn’t see the fuss over these. They taste a lot like seaweed wrappers I’ve had with sushi, but these are flavored with sea salt and I think that’s what made them so bingeworthy. They’re a little weird to eat because you either have to rip pieces off with your teeth like an animal, rip it into smaller bites like some DIY crafter, or just wad it up in a ball and pop it in your mouth like a kindergartner eating paper.

But none of this seemed to hinder me from eating the whole damn package. My only saving grace is that they are so low in carbs and calories that it was only 50 calories and 2g carbs for the whole package. These actually would be a great snack for when you are craving chips or something salty/crunchy. They seem pretty harmless and as a seaweed lover, I thought they tasted great.

They come in other flavors like sesame, teriyaki, wasabi, and olive oil. I think my grocery store had the sesame flavor and sea salt but none of the others. I would definitely try the other flavors!

Progress Photos: 190.6 Today - Going Slow, But Going!

I felt like I was due for some progress photos so I took some today. Thanks to my many trips and going off keto for most of them, I feel like I’ve been stuck in the 190s forever. I looked at my last batch of progress photos and they were from 193 pounds in mid-May after my first May trip and before my second one. I’m glad I tried to stay on Keto during that second trip because I only lost about a week, but still. I’ve got a looooong way to go and in my head I keep calculating how long it’s going to take me to get to goal and getting frustrated.

But, then I have to stop and take a breath and remind myself this isn’t a race. I’m making new habits (and keto truly has become a habit I think is pretty easy to keep). The last time I lost a large amount of weight, which I chronicle in My Weight Loss Journey, left me very confused on how to lose weight in a healthier manner. It’s taken me a long time to lose some of those old habits and trust in Keto, especially when I have memories of losing 3.5 pounds a week, every week. The rush of losing a half pound a day consistently was very motivating, but I’m honestly not sure I could even do such a restrictive diet again. Life’s too short for that.

So, I’m taking it day by day and just trying to stick with my plan, which has been going well (did Taco Bell really have to come out with that $5 Grande Nacho Box? It taunts me every time I see the commercial). I’ll get there when I get there!

Keto-Friendly Pizza? Hell, Yes!

I have struggled to find a pizza that was Keto-friendly. The cauliflower crust ones are too high in carbs and let’s be real, I’m not going to make my own at home. The Atkins pizza is increasingly hard to find and it’s a bit small. I had resorted to just scraping the toppings off pizza and eating those without the crust, but no more scraping required - I found Quest Pizza!

Quest has been around for a while and I don’t know why I haven’t tried it until now, most likely because so far I’ve only found it at Target. I was super skeptical because it looked too good to be true, but I bought one just to give it a try. The crust is made with a “dairy protein base” which is how they cut the carbs. The Supreme has 260 calories, 20g protein, and 5g net carbs for a third of the pizza. Knowing how I roll, I multiplied those numbers by 3 on the off chance that I’d eat the whole thing and they’re still pretty good - 780 calories and 15 net carbs isn’t so bad if I only had one other keto meal on the day I ate the pizza.

The pizza looks and tastes like normal pizza. The crust is a little floppier than other regular pizzas, but I don’t mind it. It doesn’t taste like a “diet” pizza at all. Most importantly, it lets me keep losing weight! I’ve eaten it twice now and both times the scale has gone down the next day. It doesn’t kick me out of ketosis and it seems to work well with my keto diet, even when I eat the whole thing…which I always do!

The cheese and pepperoni flavors are 2 servings per pizza at 330 and 340 calories and 6 net carbs (so around 660 and 680 cals and 12 g net carbs if you eat the whole thing like me). I actually will try these next because the numbers are even better than the Supreme.

You can buy them online, but I get mine at Target for $7.49.

Keto on Vacation

I didn’t think I could stick to keto during my vacation, but I (mostly) did! With the exception of a caramel macchiato and some chips and salsa, I was able to keep my meals keto-friendly while on vacation. I usually don’t count the first day back weigh-in, but as of this morning I was 194.4, meaning I’m only up 2 pounds - less than half of the extra vacation pounds I usually come home with!

The first day started out good. You can read all about it in my previous post about Keto on the train. However, that night we were going to the BTS concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. After checking into our hotel and getting ready, we ended up skipping our planned stop at Wendy’s (I was going to eat a sandwich bunless) in favor of getting to the stadium earlier because we were worried traffic would be bad. There ended up being no traffic so we were like, ok, cool, we’ll just eat something at the stadium. Unfortunately, due to the large crowds, most of the food booths had super long lines. Me and one of the other girls ended up getting cheesesteaks (I just ate the meat and cheese). It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either, but it could have been worse. It got me through the concert! I also had a Spiked Seltzer, which was sort of odd, but as far as alcohol choices went - it was only 90 calories and 0 grams of sugar per can. I’m a convert!

After the concert, we decided to hit the Wendy’s since we were all pretty hungry, but easier said than done. It took over 2 hours to go 3 miles and there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in traffic for two hours and realizing you literally are still in front of the stadium. We made it to the drive thru finally around 1:15 am and I ate the Asiago Ranch Chicken with no bun.

Breakfast the next day was much easier. Our hotel, which was amazing, had free breakfast so I loaded up on eggs and sausage with cheese and salsa. We were headed to Atlantic City next so I figured I’d stock up on a big breakfast.

Our first dinner in Atlantic City was one of my faves! I got pulled pork with gravy, asparagus, and a Caesar side salad. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted!

Breakfast the next morning was bacon and eggs (I skipped the hash browns that came with it).

Lunch was blackened fish tacos (I skipped eating the shells) and a skinny margarita on the rocks.

Dinner was chicken fajitas at Rainforest Cafe. These were super tasty and filling and I just didn’t eat the tortilla, rice, or beans that came with it.

This is me being crowned Queen of Keto on Vacation for actually sticking with it. Most of my meals were easy to make keto just by skipping eating the non-keto friendly parts. No one even batted an eye when I substituted a salad for fries or didn’t eat my rice.

The day I came back home, I got egg bites from Starbucks. I was happy to have a keto-friendly option although they are a little deceptive at 9g carbs - that’s more carbs than I thought they’d be since they just seemed to be eggs and bacon. Still, in a pinch, it’s better than bread. I scarfed down a cheeseburger from McDonalds with no bun before I got on the train and later, I had the protein plate from the Amtrak cafe. I’ve grown to enjoy the protein plate (although they need to work on their celery, which was kind of weak and gross). I don't even know how you f*ck up a celery stick so bad.

I’ll be curious to see the scale tomorrow. All in all, I’ve proven to myself that I CAN stay keto on vacation and it didn’t require as much willpower as I thought. I went into it as an experiment to see if I could do it and I think that mindset helped me make good choices throughout my trip, just to see if I could. I’m going back to Atlantic City for my birthday in 7 weeks so I’m hoping to be another 14 to 25 pounds down by then.