Walmart Keto Haul

I stopped in to Walmart today to get one thing - Everything Bagel seasoning for my GG Crackers. I didn’t even get a cart. I hate going to Walmart unless it’s like super early in the morning. It’s too crazy when it’s busy! But I was desperate for my Everything Bagel seasoning because I ran out last night. As I entered the store, I decided to swing by the prepared foods area to see what they had. I had been planning on having Chipotle all week for dinner, but I figured I’d check and see if there was anything interesting at Walmart.

I saw the Moe’s at Home Fajita Style Shredded Chicken and got so excited. I haven’t seen this before, but I do know my coworkers rave about Moe’s. At 130 calories and 1 g net carb per serving, this looks like a great option. So, I grabbed the chicken, but now of course I need some toppings so I grab some guac, which is right next to where the prepared foods are. But, then I realize I’m going to need lettuce and cheese and suddenly, I need a cart. I set the chicken and guac down and go snag a mini-cart. One of the customers laughed at me when I came back to grab the stuff I had randomly set down in the fruit section. “I just came in for 1 thing and now I need a cart!” We had a good laugh over how that always seems to happen.

Now with my cart, I got a bag of shredded lettuce and some shredded cheese. I also stocked up on Chiptole Tabasco, which I meant to get earlier at the grocery store, but had forgotten, but this will go great on my Moe’s. So, now dinner for the week is set! Everything I bought (including the Everything Bagel seasoning) was around $20 - half the price of having Chipotle bowls every night. I’ll let you know how the chicken tastes. They also had a steak version!

I'm Obsessed with These Fringe Hem Jeans

I have become obsessed with Sofia Vergara fringed hem jeans from Walmart. These jeans keep popping up on various blogs and sites that I read so I’ve been on the hunt for these for awhile. They never seem to be in stock. They’re on pre-order from Walmart right now and I’m contemplating it, but I’m wondering what size I’ll be in a month when they actually ship! I need my crystal ball.

Fans of the jeans like the stylish look that can be dressed up or down although several commenters said they run small (so maybe I’d get the 14s, which is my current size now). The jeans are stretchy and also come in white (I’m way to messy for white jeans - I spill things too much!). A few other companies make fringe hem jeans, but I really like how these have a slanted fringe.

EV1 Shorts From Ellen Degeneres at Walmart


These are the cutest shorts and I got them at Walmart of all places for only $11! They are from Ellen Degeneres’ EV1 collection and they were on sale. The bonus was that they are size 12, which I haven’t fit into for a while! All that keto is paying off!

They are relaxed fit, a light blue jean color, and feature a racing stripe down the sides. They are fun and sporty and completely different than the other “jorts” I own.

Run, don’t walk, to Walmart to get you a pair. At $11, I doubt they’ll last long. The sizes available at mine were pretty sparse, which is why I tried the 12s. I actually never would have tried them, but the only other size close to mine was 16 and I thought those might be too big! I’m glad I tried them though because they fit great and are super cute.

Cute Colorblock Workout Gear at Walmart

I have been lusting after the P.E. Nation colorblock leggings for awhile now. They do a lot of blue/orange combos that are super cute. Sadly, the price tag has been keeping me from getting them, so I got excited when I spotted this cute AVIA workout gear from Walmart! At under $20 for each piece, it’s the same colorblock look for a fraction of the cost. The sports bra was surprisingly comfy, too. I tried finding this online, but only found the sports bra so if you want the exact leggings, you may have to go in person, but you can shop similar styles on my Shop My Looks page.

Here’s some of my faves from P.E. Nation if you want to drool over them like me: