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Alcohol Guide

For best results, skip the alcohol. But, if you must imbibe, use this guide to make the lowest carb choices. The best choices are straight alcohol like whiskey and tequila, which have 0g carbs. Champagne is 1g carb and wines are 2g carbs.

Drinks with medium levels of carbs are the Bloody Mary with 7g carbs, Margarita with 8g carbs, and Cosmopolitans, Mojitos, and Beer all have around 13g carbs.

High carb choices are the Gin & Tonic with 16g carbs, Vodka and OJ with 28g carbs, Daiquiri and Pina Colada with 31g carbs, and Rum & Coke with 39g carbs.

Note: Using “diet” or low sugar mixers can reduce the carbs of some of the drinks. Using Diet Coke in your Rum & Coke or Diet Tonic in your Gin & Tonic reduces the carb counts to 0g carbs.